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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my dog pull me on a scooter?

As a guide, any dog over 35lbs can potentially pull a scooter on flat terrain.

Once it's rolling there's little load on the dog, so always help them get started and going uphill and they'll soon love running with you!


Is the scooter suitable for children?

We do not recommend the use of our scooters with young children. The size of the scooter is designed for adults and teenagers.

As a guide, if your child is old enough to confidently handle and command your dogs and with suitable supervision, then there is no reason why they cannot enjoy the sport too!


What equipment do I need?

You will need:

  • Scooter

  • Gangline (with a shock absorber section to cushion your dogs from jolting)

  • Dog Harness

  • Suitable protective equipment, such as cycling helmet, gloves. Also consider knee and elbow pads.

If your dog has soft pads, or you are running on hard or abrasive surfaces, you might consider 'dog boots' for your dog but it is best to avoid harsh surfaces all together.


Which type of harness should I choose?

If your dog is a strong puller (such as sled dog breeds) we recommend an X-Back harness for dog scootering.

A 'Skijor' harness (also known as a 'Recreational' or 'Shortie' harness) also works very well for most breeds.


Which size harness should I choose?

Please see our measuring guide for information on measuring your dog correctly for a harness. 

A correctly fitting harness distributes the load across the dog's skeletal frame, so fit is important.

NEVER connect your dog directly on its collar as this will risk serious neck injury and inhibit breathing.


How many dogs can I use at once?

We recommend scootering with 1 or 2 dogs per scooter.


How long does delivery take?

We normally dispatch orders within 2 working days and delivery is typically between 1-3 weeks depending on location.

You should receive a tracking number after your order is processed to access the estimated delivery date on the shipper's website.


Will I be too tall/short to use the scooter?

The Xplora is designed for adults and the handlebars are adjustable. Most riders between 5ft and 6ft find the riding position quite comfortable. The handlebars are standard bicycle type, so are easily changed for higher/lower drop handlebars if required.


Where can I buy spare parts?

The Xplora uses standard bicycle parts for easy servicing and customizing, so parts are available from any good bicycle store.

If you have any problems locating parts, just contact us and we'll be pleased to advise


What type of dogs can run in harness with a scooter?

Almost any type of medium or large dog can pull a scooter. If they enjoy running they can usually be trained to pull.


What age can my dog start pulling in harness?

There are many articles and recomendations this subject as it depends on a number of factors. Some dogs may begin training in harness from 6 months but as their bones are not fully formed until about 12 months old, training should be light until at least this time and progressively increased as their maturity and fitness allows. Always consult your vet for advice.


What can I do if my dog doesn't get the idea?

Don't expect to run on your first attempt. It sometimes takes time for a dog to get the right idea and some breeds have more instinct to pull without any encouragement, while others might not understand what you want them to do. Daphne Lewis has published some great material (paperback and DVD) on training techniques and the use of voice commands.

Dogs always learn quicker from other dogs, so scootering with a group of friends is a great idea, or have a friend riding a bike to coax them on also works.


Remember, keep it fun and they'll come back for more!

Happy Scootering!

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